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Monday Matters

Doing something fun over the weekend–and then having something fun planned for the following weekend–helps make starting a new week a little easier. Yesterday we chose a slip out of our date jar with the suggestion, “Go hiking around the apartment.” We live on a mountain, so that’s easy enough to do! We started by walking uphill to Nunobiki Waterfalls.


Somehow from there our uphill hike turned into a mostly downward walk and a culinary adventure. For starters, we split a chocolate waffle set at the Kitano Museum cafe. The cafe has a very simple, natural style–loved it! And the waffles…so good!!


From there, we headed to the famous Kitano Starbucks, which is in an old house. I got a cappuccino, and Chad got a latte.


Drinks in hand, we continued on our way. We walked around for a few hours before stopping for curry (we may or may not have had gyoza as a snack in between…). After hearing Kobe Mint Curry was supposed to be good, we decided we might as well try it.


Chad got Kobe beef curry, and I had veggie curry. It wasn’t necessarily to die for, but the atmosphere in the restaurant was quite pleasant. Similar to the Kitano Museum Cafe, Mint Kobe Curry has a very clean, quaint feel, and the staff were quite friendly. They tried to speak English (even though we ordered in Japanese), saying, “Careful! Very, very hot!”

We continued our “hike,” grabbing some Eho Maki on our way home. Eho Maki is a special sushi roll eaten on the Japanese holiday of Setsubun, celebrated February 3rd annually.


You’re supposed to eat the roll facing a specific direction deemed auspicious for that year, and in silence. We ate ours without speaking as we watched the latest episode of “Elementary” (love that show!). Whether we were facing the proper direction or not, I’m not one to say, but we did count out beans for our age (27 + 1 for good luck for me this year!). We ate them up for good fortune. Out with the demons and in with prosperity! Our date (and over-eating) was finished, with hope for an early spring and happy days ahead.

If you’d like to see a video of me chucking beans at Chad as an oni, or demon, please click here.

To find out more about setsubun, please read this article here.

Did you have any culinary adventures over the weekend?

4 thoughts on “Monday Matters

  1. i wanted to comment about a culinary adventure i had this weekend but then realized i didn’t have any. it’s really cool that you have all those things to do and see right around your apartment building! sounds like you had a fun date.

    1. You don’t have to wait till the weekend! The time is now 😉 In my opinion Mr. Kozak’s counts–god, to have one of those gyros now!

      We *are* very lucky; we have the both city and nature near our apartment. Now the challenge will be to find somewhere in Michigan with the same appeal! Then again, for the sake of our waistlines… 😉

  2. i was trying to think of a place in the area where you could do this kind of stuff when you come back. i think grand haven is your best bet. you could wander downtown and then make your way to the beach. that would be nice. and justin was just saying how it’s about time we have gyros again. i might buy some paczki (i’ve never tried one) or i might make some vegetable soup today if you want to count that as a culinary adventure. i did make baked doughnuts with maple frosting on thursday too. i found the recipe on pinterest and i may need to delete that pin. they were too good!

    1. Oh god those donuts sound amazing! Promise to make me some this fall?

      Chad and I were thinking the same thing about the GH area. We just do happen to be looking at houses around there right now!

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