Lists, Language and Love

I’m sick. That means I’ve been doing a lot of feeling miserable and sorry for myself when I’m not sleeping. But, I’m trying to be positive, and I’ve still managed to check a few things off my never-ending to do list.

I love that–the satisfaction of putting a little check mark next to something I’ve completed. I also love writing lists–not just To Do Lists, but Wish Lists, Bucket Lists, Reading Lists, Research Lists, Cleaning Lists, Lists of Things I Like, Grocery Lists…the list of lists I like could go on and on! 😉 The organization, the goal-setting, the memory-keeping, the things to look forward to, and the feeling of accomplishment that can accompany list-making is so satisfying to me!

Today amidst my suffering, I’ve been reading about/looking at lists:

A Brief History of the To-Do List and the Psychology of Its Success

Thomas Edison’s To-Do List, 1888

Wendy McNaughton’s To Do List

10 Common Misconceptions about Sherlock Holmes

I’m sure you can understand my interest in that last link there, considering my open love for the show Elementary. I’m interested in the BBC Sherlock as well, especially after hearing a Chattering Class Segment on Dinner Party Download in which the guest said the BBC version really does the books justice, but one Sherlock at a time. (Which one do you love, if you watch them?)

Speaking of love, I also watched this interesting short video on The Odds of Finding Life and Love.

Separately, I wanted to mention this TED talk I watched on language development and social interaction called, “The birth of a word.”

And, lastly, I wanted to share a song that makes me feel better when I’m having a rough day. Or when I’m sick, like today.

Hope you’re feeling healthy today, and that if you’re having a tough day this song cheers you up. If not, maybe try making a list of things that do cheer you up? Or a list of things you love? I’ll be off to bed early–sweet dreams! ~~~☆彡

One thought on “Lists, Language and Love

  1. i haven’t seen elementary yet. i want to, i’m just waiting for the library to get it on dvd because i’m sure we’ll get it. but i really really like the bbc sherlock. i think it’s awesome. i hope you feel better soon!

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