Monday Matters

Unlike the rest of the world, Japan has four seasons.

A lot of my weekends lately seem to be taken up by catching up on work and going to the doctor’s. Of course, I’m lucky to have a job I love and to have catch-up time, and I’m very fortunate to have health care. But sometimes it gets draining. So, to cheer myself up over the weekend, I decided to paint my toesies a pretty, spring-summery color.


I also decided to play around with the Skitch app & produce an image that looked like a kindergartner had a go at writing…

As I was painting away, I realized with a surprise that summer has become my favorite season. I’ve always loved fall the most with its comfortable temperature, lovely colors and delectable delights….but living in Japan has changed me. Of course, fall in Japan can be beautiful, but the places I’ve lived in don’t compare with Michigan–not a chance! It’s just so rainy so much of the time in the fall. The colors do seem to last a while, and yet–

As I was thinking this over I remembered a conversation I had recently (and have quite often had with various people while living here). We were visiting a friend in Ise in January, and I commented on how beautiful the light was that day, and on how the shadows that fell were so wonderful to look at. And our friend responded, as though it were obvious, “That’s because Japan has four seasons.” He was implying, like many before him, that other areas of the world do not have four seasons. Apparently that kind of light and shadow also do not occur elsewhere? In the past I’ve tried to defend Michigan, to say how, if you really want to see four seasons, that’s the place to go (and, knowing Michigan weather you could get lucky and see all of the seasons in a week! πŸ˜‰ ) .

I don’t know if it’s from the lack of sleep or from being sick lately, but for some reason I got kind of angry when I thought back to my friend’s comment, despite the pretty purple I was applying to my toenails. It’s just that I generally feel that Japan’s “four seasons”–at least, in the areas I’ve lived–consist of stupid cold, cold and rainy, stupid hot, and hot and rainy. There are also occasional times in which it is stupid hot and rainy or stupid cold and rainy. For some reason I just want to shout out, “Look at beautiful Michigan!!”

I know when I move back I’m going to miss the awesome (as in awe-inspiring) nature Japan has to offer. But right now I can’t help but think that if people could only see our beautiful Mackinac Bridge throughout the year, they would know…we have four seasons, too, and stop gloating about their own.









Anyway, I don’t know how this became an entire post about weather, but please don’t be concerned. I’m going to be able to break free of this and move past it. Figuratively, or–at the very least–literally when we move home in a few months. (Holy cow I’mfreakingout only 3 months?!!) Michigan better be good to me after all this! πŸ˜‰

What do you think? Are you particular to a certain climate? (I now tend to go for the “stupid hot” category). Have you ever heard of 4-season pride?

5 thoughts on “Unlike the rest of the world, Japan has four seasons.

  1. i painted my toes a bright pink because i was so tired of the cold weather. fall used to be my favorite season too but lately i’ve really looked forward to the arrival of summer. maybe it’s because i’m ready for warmer weather after cold snowy winter.

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