Let My Love Adorn You (or this awesome black belt!)

I worked late tonight and am (as usual these days!) exhausted. But, I’ve got two quick pictures for you. The first picture is a page from my journal that I made after hearing the song “Let My Love Adorn You” by R&B singer Miguel.


    Second is a picture of Chad’s black belt, which he got to take home for the first time today. His name is in Japanese in red on the belt. How cool is that?


    That’s all for now! Time for bed–Ta ta!

2 thoughts on “Let My Love Adorn You (or this awesome black belt!)

  1. ooh! i like your journal page. i’ve got 2 pages from our art journaling course that i need to take pics of to send you. and chad’s black belt is awesome! that is so cool that his name is on it in japanese. i bet he was excited to be able to take it home.

    1. Thank you! I was happy to do a little painting on that one. Hopefully I can squeeze in some painting this weekend! Can’t wait to see your pages–I have to do some for the class too (>_<) And Chad was really happy! 🙂

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