Picnic Fever!

It’s a rainy day in Japan, and that’s left me feeling very contemplative. Where was I around this time last year? Oh yeah, France. And then Italy and Spain and Holland. Oh how I wish I could go back! We’re pretty lucky to have unusually warm weather in Japan though, and I’m hoping that from next week the rain holds off so that the cherry blossoms can bloom and stay around for a while. I love cherry blossom season in Japan, and while considering our lovely time in Europe last year (much of which was spent outdoors picnicking or soaking in the sun) at the same time as anticipating upcoming cherry blossom fun, my mind has naturally started going crazy thinking about picnics! So crazy, in fact, that I started collecting picnic-related pictures on a new pinterest board. Here are a few dreamy pins I’ve found:






Sophisticated Picnic Fare


Also, look at these pretty picnic basket sets!

Moka Yellowstone Picnic Basket


Pinned Image



Sometimes we’ve had indoor picnics on rainy days, and we open up the windows if it’s warm enough so we can listen to the rain. But I’ve got to be honest, I’m ready to get outside–I’ve got picnic fever and I need to remedy it! What are your favorite things to bring on picnics? Do you have a favorite place to eat outdoors?

9 thoughts on “Picnic Fever!

  1. After the snowy winter we’ve had in Massachusetts-another 20 inches just last week-I am SO ready for picnic weather! Nice pictures:)

    1. Thank you! I’m originally from Michigan and I hear its still pretty cold there right now, so I’ll take what I can get (though a girl can still dream a little, right?).

  2. i was hoping we could get the whole family together (after you guys are back) a couple times this summer and have lunches at the little park down the road from us.

    1. My parents always had a really lovely and simple one, and I’ve been hoping to find one like it at Goodwill or a thrift shop–they can be so pricey otherwise!

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