Friday Five

Five of my favorite painters

These are five of my favorite painters, in no particular order:

1. Norman Rockwell



Whenever I look at a painting by Rockwell, I feel nostalgic for a time I never experienced. I love how every painting tells a story, and I often find myself smiling when considering the situations in the paintings.

2. Vincent Van Gogh




Like so many people, I love the colors and the movement in Van Gogh’s paintings. Whenever we’ve visited museums with his work on display, I’ve found myself mesmerized while looking. One nice memory I have is of when we went to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and learned a lot about his life.

3. Diego Rivera




I also love the colors in Diego Rivera’s paintings, but obviously in quite a different way from Van Gogh. Rivera’s choice of bold colors with such nice contrast really inspire me. I used to love doing oil pastel, and I would always try to get a lot of “big” color while trying to keep my pictures sharp.

4. Moki



A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon Moki via an article I read on Huffington Post, and I’ve since really enjoyed looking at the way she “hides” people in nature. She has recently released a book called How to Disappear.

5. Katie Berggren

mother and child art print - Possibilities - Archival 8x10 signed motherhood print


mother and child dancing naked art print - Song In My Soul - Archival 12x12 signed motherhood print


I fell in love with Berggren’s paintings years ago. I love the way the paint flows in her work and makes me feel like love is wrapping around the canvas. Her paintings make me think so much about the precious relationship between a mother and child. You can visit her Etsy site, from which these images were borrowed, or her website to learn more.

I love too many painters to name, but these are a few of my favorites. Who are some artists that you love?

2 thoughts on “Five of my favorite painters

  1. I love all the ones you shared! I added the last painter’s Etsy shop to my favorite – would love to own one of hers someday! Some of my favorites are Monet, Degas and Gustav Klimt. A favorite painter who also has an Etsy shop is Lulie Wallace, she paints beautiful modern flower paintings. Thanks for sharing your love for art!

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