Worry dolls and memories


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I had a little time for some art journaling on Saturday before our little movie night, so I decided to do something with a memory. I used to love American Indian art, history and culture, and still find many traditional aspects really interesting. I think a lot of my interest was initially spurred by my dad when I was a child.

On my journal page, I mention that my dad bought me some Guatemalan Worry Dolls that were being sold at an American Indian culture event. I used to tell the little matchstick dolls my worries before bed. Now I tend to either write them down, tell my husband, or focus on gratitude instead.

Some things I’ve been grateful for lately:

1. I saw a little boy I used to teach, and as soon as he saw me he said, “Ms. Caitlyn!” In a happy voice and gave me a long hug. I asked, “Are you going to hug me forever?,” and he laughed as he said, “I don’t know!” Makes my heart feel so big just thinking about it.

2. I’ve been able to help a lot of teachers by going to different campuses, and feel really good about supporting them and helping them to make changes that make their classes run smoother.

3. Despite going around different campuses, I’ve still been able to connect with a lot of children. I love being able to teach them, make them laugh, and comfort them when they miss mommy. When they fall asleep in my arms I could just hold them forever! So precious.

4. I called a coworker who is also a close friend to discuss some work, and neither of us wanted to hang up because we missed each other! I am so grateful to have such a strong friendship with her, as well as a supportive working relationship.

5. When I saw Chad last night after a long, rough workday, we snuggled on the train the whole way home. I am so thankful I married someone who can melt my worries away! He’s pretty handsome, too! πŸ˜‰

What do you do to ease your worries?

3 thoughts on “Worry dolls and memories

  1. work out! or drink. it depends on the time of day really. πŸ™‚ very cool art journal page. my mom gave me her old worry dolls when i was a kid. i wonder what happened to them…

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