Keep Japan Beautiful

It’s been a busy week full of training, which thankfully has gone wonderfully. Haven’t had much time to do anything outside of work this week besides a little cherry blossom viewing, but here’s two completely unconnected pictures you might find interesting.


Looking out the front of the train on the way home from Mie a couple weeks ago.


A little junk pile with a red ash tray reading, “No! Keep Japan beautiful!”

It’s almost the weekend–you’ll be hearing from me soon. Hang in there! 😉

Monday Matters

Monday Matters

Well, even though I worked over the holiday, today is the first official day back. It’s nice to see familiar old faces, and to see the bright, smiling, eager faces of new trainees. This job is a lot of work, but man will I ever miss it. I feel so sad to think about leaving my kids, leaving the teachers who have become such close friends, and leaving the school. But, not yet! Not yet.

Chad and I have been holding to our cherry blossom viewing plans–we went last night (with a mini feast of tacos, apples, mandarin oranges and soda/beer), and today with a Japanese style fast-food set (Yoshinoya for those of you who might know or be interested in knowing). We bought something to hold us over after the training at a 100 yen Convenience store, and the receipt was so cute! I’ll miss that about Japan.


Okay, enough! I’m not leaving yet! 🙂 Enjoy your week–I hope you find a little something cute to brighten your day.