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Flowers, Crazy Outfits & Frozen Beer

I’ve got a growing list of blog posts I’ve been meaning to write, but in between cleaning & packing, and meeting with friends as much as we can before we leave, I just haven’t had a chance!

On Monday we decided to visit Himeji castle because Chad had never been, and though much of it is (sadly) still under renovation, we were still able to have a nice time.

Here are a couple shots of visible parts of the castle:



Some pretty flowers in the surrounding gardens:



And an amazing outfit:


Who needs to see a castle when you’ve got this to marvel over? 😉

Also, the other day we tried “frozen” beer, which has become a sort of fad in Japan recently.


As you might expect, the frozen part was basically foam, in other words, not so delicious. Chad pointed out that the foam also happens to look like Japanese drawings of poo, which actually should’ve been a warning sign.

Will write again soon! Off to a dinner before more packing and cleaning.


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