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Hard Root Beer Floats

So apparently while we were in Japan, a ton of specialty Vodka flavors came out–one of which is a Whipped Cream Vodka. My sister-in-law and I came across the flavor and decided to mix it with orange soda–a drink we ended up happily calling a Creamsicle Delight. When we pondered other good combos, she suggested using the vodka in root beer floats, and, as that was another thing to cross off on my summer fun bucket list, I decided to give it a try.


Though a normal-sized bottle is shown here, you can also purchase tiny bottles of the whipped cream flavored Vodka.

Concocting the drink was easy enough: I just put a scoop of ice cream in a glass, then added about a 1/4 a glass of the Vodka, and then root beer. I added enough root beer so that the foam would rise above the rim, creating a nice layering of vodka, ice cream & soda, and foam.


The drink looked just as pretty after it was stirred; I loved the lovely cream color. You can tell from my huge smile that the result was delicious!


Do you like flavored vodka? What are your favorite drink combos?

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