My Autumn Fun Bucket List

I had a great time ticking things off of my Summer Fun Bucket List, and just about as much fun anticipating each item on the list! I’ve made another list for Autumn, which just so happens to be my favorite season (but seems to go by so fast!).

The amazing thing is that yesterday I had my first honey crisp apple of the season and a nice hot mug of vanilla chai, and yet at Rosy Mound the sun was shining and I was a little warm. I even walked along the beach with my jeans rolled up and my feet in the water.


Whenever I go to Rosy Mound it’s almost like a private oasis–I rarely bump into more than a few people every 20-30 minutes. The lake always seems endless, and it always makes me smile without necessarily understanding why. I get excited and feel like the world is so open and I can do anything, and yet I know fall will progress into winter and I worry about getting through. It’s like my frustrations about my professional life loom behind it all. But. Anyway. I guess that’s why I need to focus on little things to get me through, like my lovely little bucket lists.

Some of the things listed have been moved over from my Summer Fun Bucket List, but many of the things are new. What are some of your fall to-do’s?

Autumn Fun Bucket List

  1. Go apple picking
  2. Make apple butter
  3. Make a homemade Monte Cristo sandwich
  4. Make an apple butter roll cake
  5. Eat caramel apples
  6. Make apple cider floats
  7. Carve pumpkins
  8. Roast (and eat!) pumpkin seeds
  9. Make pumpkin fritters
  10. Go on a picnic
  11. Go on a bookstore date
  12. Discover a new town together
  13. Build a telescope & have a star party
  14. Go to Art Prize at least once
  15. Binder Park Zoo
  16. Go mini golfing
  17. Make homemade ice cream
  18. Paint rocks with my niece
  19. Do cheese fondue
  20. Make milk carton boats
  21. Get a cat
  22. Make trail mix with my niece & nephews
  23. Go for a walk with them & look at bugs/plants/nature under a microscope
  24. Dress up & have a fancy night around town doing ordinary things
  25. Volunteer
  26. Wine & Cheese Night
  27. Oktoberfest!
  28. Homemade pickles
  29. Bloody Maryโ€™s
  30. Make/Decorate pottery
  31. Beer Festival in Detroit
  32. Green Dot Stables in Detroit
  33. Make homemade bread
  34. Make cookies with my niece
  35. Autumn floral wreath project
  36. Go to a Moth live event
  37. Hobo Stew party
  38. Halloween parties!


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