Meet Comet & Curry!

A couple weeks ago, Chad came home holding two kittens in his arms! After much deliberation, we’ve chosen to name them Comet and Curry (though Chad has another name for Comet I am choosing to ignore haha). 20131202-075849.jpg

Curry is a snuggly, sweet-hearted, orange female kitty. She often follows me around the house, and she usually tries sleeping on my head for at least part of the night!


Comet is Curry’s brother. He’s already getting really big, and his tail is especially long! He can be really snuggly, too, but he also hangs out by himself a lot.


Curry and Comet are best friends, and love chasing each other around, sneaking up on each other, playing together, and sleeping next to each other.


They also LOVE trying to eat people food!


I’m so glad these little friends could become part of our family!

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