Cat Tree Construction

Chad was looking at cat trees at several pet stores and was astounded by the prices. At that point, the only options I would’ve considered would have been either a) just give in and buy one, or b) don’t get a cat tree. The thought that popped into Chad’s mind, however, was, “I guess I’ll make one!”


Chad got busy drawing out ideas for his cat tree, and then kept his “blueprints” in mind as he headed to a local Re-Store for parts to make the cat tree. Using wood, PVC pipe, buckets, a rope spool, carpet and rope, he was able to construct a very professional-looking cat tree.20140106-184157.jpgAbove, Chad is wrapping rope and carpet around a pipe.


Curry was enjoying the cat tree before it was even finished!


It only took Chad about four or five hours to construct this lovely cat tree, and the cats started enjoying it immediately!


Curry and Comet enjoying their new cat tree.

Chad enjoyed making the cat tree so much, that he made another one for my mom as a Christmas present. The usual cost of a cat tree? Prices usually start at $80 for small ones. The cost of ours? About $30. It just goes to show that with a little creativity and time, just about anything is possible!

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