Easy Vintage Bookmark DIY

Lately I’ve been reading several books at once: a book for fun, a book or two for things I’m learning about, and a cookbook or two. This has left me wanting for bookmarks–pretty bookmarks to be more exact! I decided to whip up some easy vintage-themed ones to solve my problem.


First I gathered materials: Mod Podge, Extreme Elmer’s Glue, heavy card stock, a bookmark template I found online, a pencil, scissors, a brush for the Mod Podge, newspaper to protect my table, and some lovely vintage prints (I found my free vintage printables here and here!).IMG_9886

Then I got to work. After cutting out my template, I traced it several times onto my card stock and cut out the bookmark bases. For one of my bookmarks, I collaged several bee-related images together, and for the others I just tried to trace the template over an interesting area of the print. IMG_9887

After gluing the images to the card stock bases, I used Mod Podge to seal everything together. Once the bookmarks were dry, I used a mini hole punch to make holes for yarn. (You can see the blue hole punch is on the one bookmark that I tried to collage 🙂 )


Last but not least, I threaded some yarn through the holes I made. At first, the bookmarks had curled slightly after drying, but they flattened easily just by bending them gently in the opposite direction.

IMG_9889Voilà! Four easy, pretty little bookmarks for my reading leisure.

Have you ever made your own bookmarks? If so, what was your approach? And in what books did you tuck them?

P.S. When I was making these, this song came on Pandora. Isn’t it nice?

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