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Week in Pictures

This week was one filled with lovely nature, marketplace excursions, culinary delights (such as that jambalaya we tried for Fat Tuesday!), and a pattern search in and around our house. (Anything to keep us busy and keep our spirits up πŸ˜‰ )


Rosy Mound #1


Rosy Mound #2


Rosy Mound #3


Goodies from our Asian Market trip (some of which were used for our Hina Matsuri dinner)


Bubble Tea at a restaurant next door to the Asian marketplace


We tried pho for the first time!


Pretty flowers sent to us


My favorite beer


Nutella French Toast #1

Β  IMG_0068

Nutella French Toast #2


Patterns #1 (Don’t the knots in the tree look like eyes?)

Β  IMG_0074

Patterns #2


Patterns #3


Patterns #4


Patterns #5


Patterns #6


Patterns #7


Patterns #8 (Okay, so maybe I just wanted to take a picture of our kitties because I love them…)


Goodies from a trip to The Cheese Lady in Muskegon (We tried the Vanilla Balsamic drizzled over fresh strawberries!)


I made homemade Crab Rangoons and Gyoza…


And Chad made amazing homemade ramen!


Dinner party dishes #1


Dinner Party Dishes #2

I wonder what the weekend has in store for us! What have you been up to this week?

6 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. what asian market did you go to? i’d love to go to the one in holland with you sometime because i bet you’d be able to tell me a little more about everything since most of it isn’t in english. πŸ™‚ all that food looks so delicious! i wish i could have been at the dinner party. i’d love to try actual ramen.

    1. We went to one on Division. I’ve never been to the one in Holland, but I’d like to go sometime! And this is definitely the first of many ramen-themed dinner parties for sure, so you’ll definitely get to try some soon!! We missed you last night.

  2. I missed you guys too! I’m totes jeallie that Justin has these awesome Wednesdays where he works out, goes to odd sides for mug club night and hangs out with you and chad.

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