Lovely Easter Ideas

In anticipation of Easter, I decided to give an easy DIY a try:

Easter Egg Strip ArtSource

This Easter egg made from paper strips on is apparently a craft for children, but I thought it looked cute so I made it anyway! 🙂 Here’s how mine turned out:


And here are some other Easter-themed ideas I’d like to try:

bunny rollsMaking cute little bunny rolls… (Source)

DIY love eggs…making pretty DIY love eggs… (via

   pastel deviled eggs

…and making pastel-colored deviled eggs! (Source)

Are you going to make anything fun for Easter this week? Please share your ideas!

6 thoughts on “Lovely Easter Ideas

  1. your paper easter egg looks awesome! are you making those pastel deviled eggs for easter dinner? that would be cool. the only thing i plan on making for easter is the ham, raisin sauce, and possibly a dessert.

    1. I’m going to try to make them! 🙂 I guessed my mom was going to make carrot cake, so I decided not to make some Easter cupcakes I had seen. Are you planning on making rolls? I want to, but I have to work until 3:30 *cries*

  2. i might just buy rolls. i’m going to make coconut macaroons though. maybe with drizzled chocolate on top. *drools*

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