Summer 2014 Bucket List Recap

Wow, this summer flew by. I think because Michigan’s summer was a bit cold this year, it didn’t even feel like we had a real summer, but I was really happy that I could check so much off my summer bucket list for 2014 anyway! The to-do’s with checks were completed, and most of the ones with a strike-through were just transferred to my fall list (coming soon!) instead. Many of the links will lead you to past posts so you can remember with me, if you like ๐Ÿ™‚

Summer Bucket List 2014

1. Drive-In Movie โˆš
We saw Guardians of the Galaxy
2. Binder Park Zoo โˆš
4. Go to a Star Party โˆš
5. Have a BBQ โˆš
6. Go on a picnic โˆš
7. Make homemade ice cream
8. Blow bubbles
9. Tie-Dye Shirts
10. Make Bloody Maryโ€™s โˆš
11. Make jam โˆš
12. Make milk carton boats
13. Make pickles โˆš
Remember these watermelon rind pickles?
14. Run at least one 5K race โˆš
Camp Sunshine 2Camp SunshineI ran the Kalamazoo Mud Run & the Holland Camp Sunshine Run in the Sun
15. Look at bugs/plants/nature under a magnifying glass
16. Go to a museum โˆš
17. Have a fancy night dressed up around town โˆš
19. Have a wine and cheese night
20. Haveย a chocolate tasting party
21. Dandelion Blowing
23. Traverse City Trip โˆš
24. Make macarons โˆš
25. Make bread in flower pots โˆš
26. Work on our first garden โˆš
28. Do a 30-day drawing challenge
29. Do at least one writing prompt a week from 642 Things to Write About
30. Go fishing and/or eat fresh-caught and battered fish
32. Build something with wood, a hammer and nails
34. Do another wine and canvas
35. Try Madcap Coffee Company in Grand Rapids
36. Try Drip, Drop, Drink in Muskegon โˆš
37. Try Unruly Brewing in Muskegon โˆš
38. Try Lemonjellos in Holland โˆš
39. Make a fairy garden
40. Buy a cute summer dress โˆš
Also, just for fun, here are some more Wheatland pictures from this year, as well as an adorable picture of Simon in Chad’s back pack before a bike ride downtown.
Click image to enlarge
IMG_0780What are some fun things you did over the summer?
xx Caitlyn

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