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Winter Cookie Exchange

A month or so ago, Ariel mentioned that she and her coworkers were going to do a cookie exchange this year, and I thought that sounded like a great idea to do at my workplace, too! I put up a sign asking interested partners to sign up by December 7th, instructing they should then bring a bag of cookies for each person who decided to participate on (or near) the 10th of December.

I decided to make Puppy Chow cookies. (You can find the easy recipe here!)IMG_1576The cookies were super easy to make: you just combine peanut butter and vanilla to spread between two Ritz crackers, dip the combo into melted chocolate, and then dip that into powdered sugar. I had fun getting messy with this recipe, even though the assembly did take a while. IMG_1574Once all of the cookies were assembled and the chocolate had hardened, I prepared baggies for each person.IMG_1577I wrote a personalized message in each of the cute little tags 🙂IMG_1579I remember each year when I was little, my mom would get a tin filled with an assortment of Keebler cookies from her work. I use to LOVE those cookies, which I’m sure doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you! One of my favorite parts about the tins she received was that there were two layers, so just when you thought the end of your cookie delight had come, you could lift the partition to reveal another layer of yumminess. IMG_1580A week or so ago when I went thrifting, I found this lovely tin with an old-fashioned scene, and in the spirit of cookie tins past, I decided to wash it and use it to put all of the extra cookies in. I had fun reminiscing about my childhood while I packed the cookies inside! Despite my longing to overindulge in these Puppy Chow Cookies, I knew more cookies were in my future, so I brought the tin to work to get gobbled up with the rest. (I actually have some restraint sometimes, guys.)

Have you ever done a cookie exchange before? What are your favorite cookie recipes? Let me know in the comments below!
xx Caitlyn

2 thoughts on “Winter Cookie Exchange

  1. Caitlyn those cookies look so yummy! Love the tags (I just bought the same ones). : )
    The Keebler cookie tins! I also Remember those so well. Sometimes we were gifted one of those from your parents and they were so much fun. So many yummy cookies and the tins were so cute too. I think grandma still has some of them.
    Ps loving your blog!!

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