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Wine and Cheese Night

Next weekend, Chad and I will be moving to a more long-term apartment, and we are super excited! We’ve been talking about how nice it will be to set up a routine in our new neighborhood, to explore together, and to start having friends over. One thing we’ve been talking excitedly about is hosting another wine and cheese party, which got me to thinking I should share pictures from our last one! Now, in advance, I must apologize for the blurry photos, but to my credit, we WERE leaving for Japan in only a few days, and we were also drinking delicious wine!

IMG_1743Throwing a wine and cheese night is a really fun way to get friends together, try delicious wine and cheese, and still keep the cost relatively low for the evening. We asked each guest to bring a bottle of wine and/or cheese, and we provided fruit, chocolate, crackers, bread, summer sausage and olive oil. We also contributed a bottle of Pinot Noir and some Aged Havarti.

IMG_1744 IMG_1745 IMG_1746

As you probably know, although I like drinking wine well enough, beer is more my forte. I barely know anything about pairings for wine, etc., I just know that I like dry reds (and that unfortunately dry reds tend to make me break out! *cries*). This was a fun way for me to expand my horizons!IMG_1748

Havarti is probably my favorite cheese, though raclette comes as a close second!

IMG_1749 IMG_1752 IMG_1761 IMG_1767 IMG_1772As the evening progressed, so did a couple selfies…

IMG_1784 IMG_1793…and apparently Chad thought it was necessary to balance wine glasses on Ariel’s head…IMG_1912It was really nice so many people were able to make it out–not only for enjoying the wine and cheese, but so that we could say goodbye before leaving (and give away some of our kitchen foodstuffs we were going to be parting with!).IMG_1913
Before the next party, I’m going to research the pairing we choose a little more so I can try and sound really impressive and snobby šŸ˜‰

What’s your favorite wine and/or pairing?
xx Caitlyn

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3 thoughts on “Wine and Cheese Night

  1. That’s not just raclette – that is Leelenau Cheese Co raclette. They make the best – every once in a while you can find green peppercorn raclette at their shop. John and Anne know what they are doing!

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