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I’m still here! And mango beer!

Everyone, I’m alive and well, despite the huge break on Little Snail. After Chad’s cousin visited, we got super busy with work, I had a fun trip to Kansai, and then from last week, Chad’s brother has been visiting! Hopefully you’ve been able to see a few pictures from the last month on my instagram! I apologize for my lack of updates here, and hope to fill you in on some of the adventures we’ve been having soon (in between the ones to come!).

Today Chad and his brother went to a hot spring area a ways away, so I’ve been having a bit of a girl’s day to myself. I ran, painted my toesies, went shopping in Harajuku, ate a crepe, wore hot pink lip stick, watched a romantic comedy… oh! And made a new video for Epicurean Baristas! You can watch it here, and then click on past videos, too!

I hope you enjoyed watching me try the mango beer flavoring, and that you didn’t get too bored by my rambling. But. I’ve been alone all day guys. With nobody to talk to. And omg I’mgoingcrazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, more to come soon–promise!
Lots of love!
xx Caitlyn

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