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Taco meat leftovers, transform!

What? You ALSO had a taco party over the weekend? And you, too, had quite a bit of leftover meat? Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with leftovers, especially if you don’t want to repeat the exact same meal over and over again. But do I have the solution for you! We made amazing brunch on Saturday with leftovers, and then a pretty tasty dinner the following evening as well. First up? The brunch.     IMG_1817 Start off by scrambling eggs up with leftover taco meat. Meanwhile, toast an English muffin. Once the eggs and the English muffin have cooked/toasted to your liking, layer the following on the English muffin: the scrambled egg mixture, cheese, salsa, sour cream and green onions. Top with the remaining half of the English muffin, and enjoy the daylights out of it.
IMG_1818We also made the brunch sandwich on Sunday, but our supermarket was out of English muffins so we had to improvise with pitas. The English muffins were awesome, but the pitas did the job fair enough.

Next up: the dinner! Start off by preparing rice (I chose short-grain sushi-style rice cooked in my rice cooker). When the rice is nearly finished, whisk several eggs together and fry in a pan without scrambling.
IMG_1801Then, in a separate bowl, microwave the taco meat and add two tablespoons of raayu (amazing Chinese red chile oil that you must try if you haven’t already). I used raayu that also had garlic.
IMG_1802Layer rice, then the egg, and then the taco meat on a plate. Lastly, fry up some diced tomatoes in the same pan in which you cooked the egg, and make it the final layer of the dish!
IMG_1803This recipe was inspired by a Thai dish we ate on a night train the last time we were in Thailand, and though it was a different flavor (the Thai version was much spicier, for example), it was still super yummy.
I really enjoyed trying non-conventional approaches to using up our taco meat leftovers. I hope these recipes have inspired you as well!

xx Caitlyn


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