Pineapple: the best new (old!) way to give a warm welcome

Some say you should avoid pineapple when you’re pregnant unless you want to try and induce labor, though it’s definitely up for debate. (I did try and put pineapple to the test to get our daughter to come on time, but to no avail–Lillian was waiting for National Croissant Day to make her debut!). Now that it’s definitively safe for me to eat pineapple, I’ve been enjoying it frequently. I was snacking on it the other day, in fact, when I coincidentally learned that pineapple is a near-universal sign of welcome and hospitality. Also, pineapple used to be so exotic that it would cost the modern equivalent of $8000! Phew! You could even rent a pineapple so you could pretend to afford it while showing it off at parties. Today, it’s still a sign of hospitality, so why not grace your home with pineapple in one form or another? To get you started, here are five fun pineapple links:

  1. Pineapple Salsa
    pineapple salsa
    Years ago at Wheatland Music Festival I tried some unforgettable pineapple salsa, and I’ve been wanting to try making it ever since. Perhaps this recipe is a winner!
  2. Pineapple Baby Outfit
    pineapple outfit

    Is this outfit not adorable!? I can’t find a link to this exact outfit anymore on gymboree, but here is a fun romper alternative for sale on etsy, as well as some super cute pineapple headbands!

3. Pineapple Easter Eggs
pineapple Easter eggs
With Easter just around the corner, why not try a pineapple-themed approach to Easter egg decorating to show off when family and friends come around for a meal?

4. Pineapple Carrot Cake

Now I can’t lie: my mom makes the best carrot cake in the world. It is pretty similar to this Pineapple Carrot Cake recipe though–minus the walnuts & raisins in the cake batter, and plus chopped walnuts in the frosting. She also uses crushed pineapple rather than fresh, but I think the added pineapple garnish on top of the cake is quite pretty!

5. 25 Pineapple DIY Projects
pineapple projects
Last but not least, check out these 25 DIY Pineapple Projects! I especially like the free vintage-inspired printable.

I hope you’ve found something to try out in the links above, and would love to hear about your favorite pineapple projects and recipes! Nothing like this sweet, bright-colored fruit to make you feel welcome, or to at least brighten your day while we wait for warmer weather!

xx Caitlyn

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