Hi! I’m Caitlyn, a wife and mommy who has lived in Japan for most of her adult life. This blog was started back when my husband Chad and I lived in Kobe, Japan. We had recently decided to move back to Michigan after nearly five years of living abroad, and I thought with the big changes coming our way it would be fun to start a fresh blog, too!
After we moved back to Michigan from Kobe, I spent about a year and a half being a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks, we bought a house, and I fell in love with the best kitties on the planet (Comet and Curry). I made some amazing friends, who–along with family–showed me immense compassion and love through some tough times. Then, eventually, Chad and I decided to give Japan another go, but this time in Tokyo! (You can read a little more about that decision here!) It was only a few months after returning to Japan that I found out I was pregnant, and from there I got to experience pregnancy and childbirth in Japan. We had our daughter Lillian in January 2016, and decided to return to Michigan once again in the spring so she could meet her family back home and spend lots of time with them, too!
Most often on Little Snail I enjoy writing about my family, travel, bucket lists, books, creative projects, dinner parties and random things on my mind. I love sharing ideas with others and finding reasons to celebrate (especially if the idea-sharing and celebrating involves eating and drinking!). If you haven’t already, you’ll also learn I’m passionate about chocolate, coffee, sunshine and beer, four things that usually make their way into most of my posts (either by mention or by me enjoying them at the time of writing).
One last thing: the title of my blog. I don’t often read poetry, but when I do I especially enjoy poetry written by Gary Snyder. He has one poem in his collection Danger on Peaks in which he translates some Japanese:

“Inch by inch
little snail
creep up Mt. Fuji”

While Snyder is talking about mountain climbing, I also see the little poem as a metaphor for life. I’m a tiny snail creeping along in the big, big universe, and–no matter how seemingly small I am–I keep hanging on and going up. I’m so glad you’re here with me!

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