Monday Matters


What a crazy couple of weeks we’ve been having! Remember when I mentioned there might be some big changes this month? Well, last Friday we closed on a house! That’s a change for sure!! We are so excited to make our first house a home, though it’s been a lot of work already.


We had only three days to move from an apartment over to our new home, so we were pretty busy! I went from work to moving all weekend, and last week every day off I had (and pretty much every spare moment!) was spent unpacking boxes and sorting things. It has felt kind of overwhelming, but at the same time we’re having a lot of fun. Opening all of our lovely gifts from when we got married (we never used anything before leaving for Japan) was super nice–we felt so thankful all over again. We are so lucky to have a new home with so many wonderful things ready for us to use for the first time (like my kitchen aid! Weeeeeeeeeee!).



Now I just have to remind myself that it doesn’t need to be perfect right away; not every box needs to be unpacked right now! We have time đŸ™‚ (I forced myself to stop working on unpacking and to instead update you on our happy home status.)


After closing Friday, Chad and I sat on our dining room floor, looking around at our pretty house. Chad’s mom prepared champagne and a lovely cracker, cheese and meat  platter as a house warming gift, so we dug in happily together, ready to start the next journey in our lives. I’m looking forward to posting lots of updates as we get settled in!